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Creativity Is The Solution

Creativity Is The Solution

How often have you heard your child say, "I'm bored!"? There aren't many statements that are more frustrating or guilt-provoking than that one! In thinking about why children continue to share that sentiment over and over again, one need only look at the types of activities they are most frequently doing, and the items they are continuously using.

We have become so dependent upon technology and the benefits it provides, but we haven't really taken a close look at what it has replaced. Technology provides shortcuts, but eliminates research and inquisition. It increases speed, replacing the process of hard work and problem solving. Technology connects us to everyone instantly, but decreases our face-to-face interaction and improvement of social skills. It gives us easy access to all information, thus making us lazy to learn/find the facts on our own. Technology bombards us with everyone's opinion and interpretation of events, taking away the habit of finding the truth for ourselves and forming our own opinions. Do you see a pattern here?

Technology does not breed creation; it's replacing it. Creation (the act of making, inventing, or producing) is an activity humans crave, especially children. Limits have not yet been put on their imaginations and they feel that everything is possible. With that freedom comes the need or desire to make something of it, produce something new that hasn't existed before.

It's our job to provide children with opportunities to grow, expand their minds, think for themselves, and create new concepts. Activities that promote debate, invention, artistry, problem-solving, musicianship, interpretation, community and global action stimulate their brains and create excitement, energy, interest, and pleasure. The exact opposite of boredom!

Check out some of the ideas in our new READING ACTIVITY SHEET for enriching children's minds. When this sort of stimulation is provided on a more regular basis, I guarantee you won't be hearing about boredom anymore!

Diane DiMemmo is a former elementary teacher and current tutor for struggling readers. She developed many hands-on reading games for her active classroom learners that worked equally well during home tutoring sessions. The parents of her students noticed the positive results so they began using the same strategies at home with their other children. At their request, Diane compiled all of her reading games and routines into a book titled THE READING HOUSE, which is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble Booksellers. For more information, look around our website and contact us with any questions.


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